Terms and Conditions

1. General

Renovatio S.A. is an anonymous society founded following the laws of the Republic of Argentina, located on Av. Leando N. Alem 693, 5º Floor , in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (hereafter “Renovatio”) operates and maintains this website (hereafter “Website”). The following terms and conditions are to be followed upon use of this Website (hereafter “Terms”).

2. Restricted Use

This Website is provided solely for the use of people in search of employment and/or Personal Data related to career and professional development (hereafter “User” or “Users”) and clients of Renovatio, in order to interact with Renovatio and it cannot be used by any other person or entity, or for any other purpose.

3. Terms of Use Acceptance

The Access and the use of the Website by the Users are subjected to the Terms, as well as any other modifications performed by Renovatio on said Terms, as stated below.

When using this Website, each User recognizes and accepts having read and understood these Terms, which have an obligatory and boding character and accepts being liable.

If the User uses the Website, it will be understood that he has fully and unreservedly accepted the Terms valid at the moment of access. If the User does not wish to be obligated by these Terms, he shall not use the Website.

4. Change of Terms. Termination.

4.1 Renovatio will have the right to revise the terms and regulations or to impose new terms and conditions related to the access to this Website or its use at any time without previous notice. Said terms and conditions will become valid immediately after the publication of the revised or additional terms and conditions on the Website. Any access or use of this Website by a User after the publication of the revisions or additions to these Terms shall and be considered as an acceptance of said revisions or additions.

4.2. Renovatio reserves the right to discontinue, suspend, modify or terminate this Website or any service described in the Website, or the right of any User to access or use any portion of the service offered through the Website, at its discretion, at any moment and without notifying the Users.

5. Access Rights Refusal

Renovatio reserves the right, at its discretion and at any moment, to deny Access to any User, for any reason or without a reason and will not have any obligation to give explanations or discuss the reasons of denying Access to said User, even if other Users have permission of access.

6. Content

6.1. All the Personal Data and material published on this Website can be outdated or may contain mistakes, omissions or typographical errors. Renovatio may modify, eliminate or update any Personal Data or materials published on this Website at any moment and without previously notifying the Users.

6.2. All the Personal Data published on this website does not necessarily reflect Renovatio´s opinion or that of its associates. This Website may contain references to certain laws and regulations; due to the modifications laws and regulations suffer, all such references must be interpreted under particular circumstances.

7. Technical Aspects

Each User is responsible for adequately providing and operating all the equipment, software or website tools necessary to access Internet and the Website. Access to the Website requires the use of Microsoft Explorer 9.0 or higher, Chrome 14 535.1 o higher, Safari 5.1.7 o higher, Firefox 15.0.1 or higher.

8. Obligation to not interfere, damage or alter the Website. Prohibition of illegal or restricted use.

8.1 The Users shall not, in any way, alter the software o functionality of this Website. Without limitation to previously mentioned, the User shall not upload any material to the Website that contains programming routines (including, but not limited to virus, time bombs, Trojans or worms) or any other appliance that may damage, overcharge, affect, interfere or intercept the system, Renovatio´s server or connected nets or any Renovatio server, data, Personal Data or Website Usage by any third party.

8.2 The User commits to using the Website according to the law and the Terms, as well as the moral, generally accepted behavior and public order. Therefore, the User will not use the Website or the Personal Data it contains for any illegal purposes or purposes prohibited by any law or regulation.

9. Intellectual Property.

9.1 Each User recognizes that the software used on this Website, the configurations, visualizations, screens and all Personal Data or content appearing on the Website or visualized on the Website, contained or related to Renovatio and Renovatio Registered Users- including (but not limited to), Renovatio´s domain name, Renovatio´s logo, Renovatio´s brands and commercial name VON DER HEIDE (hereafter, joinly, “Renovatio´s Asset Property”)- are protected by various intellectual property rights, including but not limited to author´s rights, brands, local and international patents, in agreement with intellectual property laws. Renovatio´s Asset Property belongs to Renotavio´s ownership or is acquired under license of Renovatio. Renovatio reserves all the rights related to Renovatio´s Asset Property and has the intention to vigorously defend Renovatio´s Asset Property, including obtaining precautionary measures, damages and legal costs.

9.2 Unless stated otherwise, the User agrees that he will not directly or indirectly copy, reproduce, print, post, transmit, retransmit, translate, save, reveal, publish, publicly show, adapt, change, edit, apply inverse engineering, disassemble, distribute or commercially exploit any Personal Data, in transactions with third parties or in any other way all or part of Renovatio Asset Property or any other Personal Data or content that appears or is uploaded on the Website, either electronically, mechanically or any other way, including, among others, a copy of the presentation style, content or organization of the content without previously written permission of Renovatio. Furthermore, other brands or intellectual property rights appearing while using the Website and all the Personal Data related specifically to certain companies may also be subjected to other parties´ rights. The User also commits to respect said rights and not violate them in any way.

9.3 Neither the users nor those acting in their name will acquire any intellectual property or any property rights related to the Website content or Renovatio´s Asset Property.

9.4 Personal Data Provision. In case a User provides any Personal Data to Renovatio, be it through the Website or any other way, the User guarantees that said Personal Data is accurate and current, that he is authorized to provide said Personal Data to Renovatio and he authorizes Renovatio to copy, reproduce, print, post, transmit, retransmit, translate, upload, download, save, reveal, publish, publicly show, represent, adapt, modify, edit and use it freely in connection to the Website´s operations and business and that said Personal Data does not infringe intellectual property rights or any third party rights.

10. Links

10.1 The links to other websites operated by third parties do not constitute sponsorship, endorsement or approval on behalf of Renovatio of the content, the policies or practices of linked websites. The linked websites are not operated, controlled or maintained by Renovatio and Renovatio is not responsible for the availability, accuracy, content, policies, practices o security of any linked website (through hyperlink or any other way) to this Website. The links to other websites are provided only for the convenience of the User and the User accesses them at his own risk.

10.2 The following activities are forbidden and may constitute an infraction of brands or author´s rights.

(i) links to any Website, except that expressly consented to by Renovatio; and

(ii) links that involve unauthorized use of Renovatio´s Asset Property.

11. Extent of Responsibility

Renovatio does not award warranty or any representation and does not take any responsibility concerning this Website or any other linked website or their content, including the quality of services described on the Website, the availability of any website or Personal Data, accuracy, entirety or opportunity of said Personal Data. Renovatio does not guaranty nor does it represent that its access or usage of the Website is continuous or error or omission-free, that the defects will be corrected or that the Website is free of virus or other detrimental components.

12. Limitation of Responsibility

In the maximum measure allowed by the applicable law, under no circumstance shall Renovatio or any of its associates be held responsible before the Users for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special or punitive damages, under any theory of damages, contracts, guaranties, objective responsibilities or negligence, for direct, indirect, consequential, special, punitive damages, even if Renovatio has been advised, knew or should have known of the possibility of such damage, stemming from the access, use or impossibility to access or use the Website, or any linked website or its contents or termination of this Website, restriction to access to said Website, including but not limited to loss of earnings, interruption of business or loss of program or Personal Data in information systems or any other way, even if Renovatio or its associates were expressly advised of the possibility of such damages.

13. Indemnity

The User agrees to defend, indemnify and maintain Renovatio and its associates unharmed; and its respective directives, employees, agents and representatives of each and every claim arising from violation on behalf of the User of any of these Terms and for any activity performed by the User in connection to this Website.

14. Website Access and use. Registration on website. Access to protected areas through password/secured areas.

14.1. The Access and use of the Website does not require previous User registration. Notwithstanding, the use of some services offered on the Website require User registration.

14.2. When a User registers on the Website (hereafter “Registered User”), he/she will be asked, through appropriate registration process, provide Renovatio certain Personal Data, that will include, among others, his/her name, last name, valid e-mail address (hereafter “Personal Data”). The information related to the Personal Data must be current, complete and exact. Should said information stop being accurate, exact or complete, all Registered Users shall notify Renovatio of any modification that may cause Personal Data to be false, inexact or incomplete at any moment after the date of corresponding registration.

14.3. Both the Access to secured/protected areas through Website password and its use are restricted to the Registered Users and each Registered User is entirely responsible for maintaining confidentiality of his password and username. Additionally, each Registered User is entirely responsible for all and each and every one of the activities undertaken under his username. The Users will immediately notify Renovatio of any unauthorized use of his username or any security violation. Renovatio will not be held responsible for any loss Registered Users may have as a result of another person using their password and/or username, be it with or without Registered Users` knowledge. The Registered User may not use another`s username and password, at any moment, without the permission of the owner of said username.

15. Personal data. Privacy Policy. Confidentiality.

15.1 Renovatio and its associates comply with the current legislation on the Personal Data protection. Said legislation regulates Personal Data treatment related to Users and provides various rights related to their personal data.

15.2. Renovatio will automatically treat Personal Data with the objective of enabling full provision of services, object of Renovatio and its associates. The Personal Data will be incorporated into corresponding personal automatic files which Renovatio will own and be responsible for (hereafter “Files”). Except in the prompt boxes indicated otherwise, the responses to questions about personal data are voluntary. Lack of response does not imply a decrease in quality or quantity of services, unless stated otherwise.

15.3. The Files are located in The United State of America. Upon the Website Registration, the Users confirm that they are informed of the location of the Files and authorize the international transfer of their data.

15.4. The Personal Data provided by The Registered Users is maintained confidential and in complete integrity by Renovatio, for their security and privacy, to the maximum amount provided by these Terms. Consequently, Renovatio assures that all personal Data specifically identifying Registered Users shall not be sold, commercialized or shared with third parties, with the following exceptions:

(a) All Personal Data given to Renovatio`s clients with the objective of allowing them to study and select possible candidates for employment vacancies in companies offering employment;

(b) All Personal Data required by Renovatio in virtue of an administrative, judicial order or subpoena that Renovatio, in good faith, considers to be legally required to be revealed or in case legal authorities require Renobvatio to reveal it for investigations;

(c) All Personal Data that Renovatio, in good faith, determines should be revealed in order to correct what Renovatio considers to be false or misleading data.

15.5. The User expressly agrees that Renovatio will transfer all or partial Personal Data to any of its associates, any title and at any moment, form and conditions considered relevant.

15.6. Both the societies associated to Renovatio, and third parties the Personal Data is given to, may be locate abroad. At any rate, Renovatio guarantees to maintain confidentiality and secure treatment of Personal Data in international movement that may occur with the motive of these transfers.

15.7. The Users may Access, cancel or update their Personal Data, including their e-mail address, as well as oppose to its treatment and be informed of the transfers carried out, all in accordance with the stated in the applicable regulations. Once registered on the Website, the User may review and change the Personal Data that have not been provided, by logging into his/her Website account, all the times the User considers relevant.

15.8. Renovatio has adopted reasonably effective safety measures of personal data protection and has installed all technical measures within its reach and available in the industry in order to avoid loss, misuse, alteration and unauthorized access and personal data theft.

15.9. Nevertheless, the User must bear in mind that the safety measures currently offered on the Internet are not inviolable and that protection of all Personal Data uploaded online is not absolute. Thus, the maintenance and web hosting are provided by third parties, whose safety and measures and data protection are under custody of Renotavio and for whom Renovation is not liable. Hence, under no circumstance shall Renovatio be held responsible for the dissemination of User`s personal data effected by external sources and it will not be held responsible for damages. Renovation will not be held responsible for illegal access or system or data base violation by unauthorized parties. It will also not be liable for misuse of Personal Data obtained through such methods.

15.10. The Registered Users who are residents of The United States of Mexico are protectedby the regulations stated in the Attachment of the present Terms (“Complete Privacy Notice”)

16. Use of Cookies

Renovatio reserves the right to use Cookies. Cookies are text files of small data volume that a Web server sends to the User`s navigator program, and that are saved on the User´s computer hard drive, for a limited amount of time. They are used with the objective to learn the behavior, interests and preferences of the User´s navigator and thus adequate Website´s content. Cookies do not constitute threat for the privacy nor the security if User´s data. Cookies are anonymously associated only with the Users and their computer and do not provide the name or last name of the User. The User may limit the installation and/or permanence of the Cookies on his computer, configuring his navigator to inform the reception of Cookies on the screen and hampering their installation on hard drive.

17. Contacto con nuestro Webmaster

If a User has any comments, questions or suggestions of technical nature about the Website, o wished to communicate possible failures or detected errors; he may send an e-mail to: argentina@vdh.jobs

18. Cession or unauthorized use

The User accepts to not cede his rights and obligations under the Terms and to not make any unauthorized commercial use of this Website.

19. Invalidity. Severablity of clauses.

Should any clause stated in these Terms be declares null by any jurisdictional organ, the invalidity of said clause will not affect the rest of clauses stated in these Terms, that will maintain its full validity and effect. No resignation of any clause contained in the Terms will be considered as a continuous resignation of said clause or any other clause.

20. Duration and termination

The provision of a service the Website has, has got an indefinite duration. Renovatio, nonetheless, is authorized to terminate or suspend the provision of services of the Website at any moment. When is reasonably possible, Renovatio will previously advise of the termination or suspension of provision of services on the Website,

21. Applicable law

These terms will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Argentina.

22. Controversy Resolution

Any controversy, dispute or claim in connection with these Terms, their interpretation or violation, including controversy related to their validity or applicability, fulfillment or breach will be submitted exclusively to the jurisdiction of courts of the City of Buenos Aires (Republic of Argentina), except in cases when by legal imperative the court of the User´s location are considered competent to act, in which case, this authority will prevail.

Terms updated on 01/09/2017


In accordance with the stated by the Federal Law of Personal Data Protection in Possession of the Particulars (hereafter “the Law”) and its Regulations (the “Regulations”) we notify our Complete Privacy Notice (The “Notice”) which can be consulted on our Website http://www.vonderheide.com/privacidad and where important information on Personal data (“Personal Data”) will be found.


SVDH Mexico SAPI CV (“VON DER HEIDE”) located on Andrés bello N°10 florr 15 B, Colonia Polanco, Delegation Miguel Hidalgo CP 11560, Mexico Federal District is responsable for Personal Data treatment (“Personal Data”)


The obtained Personal Data is mainly treated for the following purposes:

recruitment, selection, training and development, in general to comply with Von der Heide`s objective.

As the Website User (as defined below), you will have the right to access, rectify and cancel all your Personal Data, oppose their treatment and resign the consent given to us. The information that has been blocked can be kept for a period necessary to comply with legal regulations (such as fiscal or commercial nature) and subsequently suppressed.


The Personal Data obtained personally; by telephone or Internet through our Website (the “Website”) are: name, telephone number, e-mail address and data related to current labor situation, previous experience, education, training courses, languages and other skills and experience. These data are essential for provision of our services and will be treated only for purposes stated in the Notice.

Based on the articles of Law 36 and 37, we may transfer your Personal Data to any of our branches and/or subsidiaries and/or exchange groups and/or labor exchange, including third parties, both national and foreign.


The Personal Data is protected by security, administrative, technical and physical measures. You may exercise the right of access, rectification, cancelation or opposition and cancelation of your consent for your Data treatment (ARCO right).

For that, it is necessary to fill an application in the terms stated by the Law in article 29, to Karen Bautista, responsible for the Personal Data protection, located on Andrés Bello number10- floor 15, Colonia Polanco, Delegation Miguel Hidalgo in México, Federal District.

When applications of Access and Rectification are presented and if you reside outside Federal Disttrict, you may present the application via e-mail, attaching the digitalized copy of your official identification and/or Power of Attorney and wait for indications to procede.


We reserve the right to modify, change completely or alter this notice at any moment, in which case the acknowledgment will be made through any of the media established by the legislation and among others, you will be able to consult it at our address.


When is applicable, if you do not manifest your opposition for your Personal Data to be treated in the terms stated in this Agreement, it will be understood that you have given your consent for it.


Should you have any questions about this Notice or Personal Data management, please contact our Personal Data Protection Manager on the following e-mail address: karenbautista@vdh.jobs

Privacy Agreement updated on 01/09/2017

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